Recap of February Section Meeting

Our February meeting shared two innovative and different companies and presentations, along with a tour from Friction Stir Link. The tour and demonstration of the friction stir process offers opportunity for manufacturers and fabricators to create a weld in aluminum that is more consistent, cleaner and stronger than other any other method, and the only process to satisfy the Navy’s demands for the their new Littoral Combat Ships, featuring the stealth design. The presentation by John Hinrich, owner of Friction Stir Link and Bruce Halverson, QA Mgr. of Marinette Marine was an informative compliment to how well they have pushed this technology forward together.

Tom Dougherty (Pres. of Monolith Engines) then shared his design, features and challenges of his new opposed-piston engine. Tom has invested many years to get to these prototypes, has now successfully been awarded necessary patents, and welcomed SAE Members to come along-side to mechanically help and improve his efforts. We want to thank and cheer-on these two Section companies!

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