SAE Milwaukee Presents at SOLS 2014!


SAE Milwaukee Section officers Randy Hoffman, Jim Ryan, and Drew Boyer attended the 2014 Section Officer Leadership Seminar (SOLS) in May in Michigan. Our section was asked to partner with the Texas Section to present our best practices on our Student Involvement and Company Ambassador programs to other SAE sections from around the world. SAE International has recognized our section as the leaders when it comes to our involvement with the SAE student chapters. Some examples are: student chapters help run our registration at meetings, student attendance at our meetings, student networking with our Section Members and the great competition and cooperation at our annual Student Night. We presented to other SAE sections our best practices related to this success such as: a healthy section, professional member involvment, team work, communication, mission and vision, long term planning, continuity, good documentation, and responsibility. Our Company Ambassador program was also presented. Our section uses members as Ambassadors to help promote SAE at the company level and this has helped keep our membership strong at just over 1000 members. We presented on how we have made this a successful program and how it has been key in keeping our section as one of the top SAE Sections.



You can see additional photos in the SOLS 2014 photo gallery!

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