SAE February 2019 Event – DeltaHawk Engines

What: February Section Event – Delta Hawk Engines

When: Wednesday 27th, 2019 – 5:00pm -7:30pm

Where: DeltaHawk Engines, Inc., 2300 South Street, Racine, WI 53404

Cost: $35 (non-member), $25 (member), $20 (retiree), $5 (student)

Registration Contact: Garrett Herning @ (856)-313-0581,, or website: Event Calendar for the Milwaukee Section of SAE

Deadline: Friday February 22nd – Max attendance 65

The development of a lightweight, compact, simple and reliable Heavy Fuel reciprocating engine for aerospace applications has been attempted by numerous companies.  Most of these engines are derivatives of automotive engines. DeltaHawk Engines, Inc. of Racine, Wisconsin has spent well over a decade developing a purpose-built aviation engine targeted both for General Aviation and UAS applications.  The goals of this project have been to produce an engine that burns heavy fuels with high fuel efficiency, manned-aircraft reliability and very low maintenance.  With sufficient funding now in-hand, the engine is nearing completion, with FAA Certification and commencement of production targeted in 2019.

Aviation engines present a challenging set of problems for engineers, many of which are unique to aviation. The engine requirements include race-engine like performance, combined with very low weight, compact size, and extraordinary reliability and durability.  The added challenge is that these engines must meet extremely high regulatory standards and oversight from aviation authorities. Light General Aviation aircraft have historically utilized air-cooled, spark-ignition engines, literally derivatives of World War II technology.  These engines burn specialized aviation gasoline, which is under environmental pressure.  

DeltaHawk has developed a Jet-Fuel powered General Aviation engine that brings the advantages of diesel technology to aviation.

This presentation will give an overview of the history of aviation diesels, the market drivers, and a look at the DeltaHawk engine architecture.


Dennis Webb; PE, Director of Certification and Marketing

Paul Olesen;  Director of Engineering

Dennis Webb, Director of Certification and Marketing, holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla and completed the Executive Program at University of Virginia – Darden School of Business.  He holds a Professional Engineer (PE) license and is an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER).  He is a voting member of ASTM F44 Small Airplane Standards and J02 Aviation Fuels Committees, Co-Founder of ASTM Jet-Diesel Committee, and a voting member of SAE E-34 Propulsion Lubricants, E-38 Aviation Piston Engine Fuels and Lubricants, and E-39 Unmanned Aircraft Propulsion Committees. He is also a 2000-hour Instrument-Rated Private Pilot.

Paul Olesen, Director of Engineering, holds a BEng in Motorcycle Engineering from the University of Wales Trinity St. David, specializing in two-stroke engines. He has designed and built a clean-sheet 70 hp 250cc two-stroke engine, built a racing motorcycle, and is a published book author on dirt bike engine building. He also co-built a Van’s RV10 aircraft and is a Private Pilot.

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